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The alliance between Sand and Leaf goes beyond just politics

Kankuro X Lee
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Hello and welcome to the KankuroLee lj community ^^! As you may have guessed, this is a community dedicated to the Kankuro/Lee Lee/Kankuro pairing. If this amuses you join us and spread the crack/love!

Here is a place for artists and writers to post any of thier Rock Lee, Kankuro, or Kankuro and Lee related stuffs. We'd ove to see it! We just ask that you please put larger bits of text and any images under an lj cut, and that you include warnings on anything less than work/school safe.

Or you can just lurk if that's your cup of tea ^^

You may also spam randomly with whatever you feel like if things start to look too quiet.

Also, hopefully I don't really need to say this but I will anyway, we are a friendly community, and there will be no bashing, harrasement, ect, be respectful and nice to eachother please.

So, go forth and socialize, play, write, draw, whatever, have a good time ^^.

Please direct any questions to nolifeinabox
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