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Yosh! [Jun. 29th, 2007|09:56 am]
Kankuro X Lee
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All right! Summer strikes again! I guess that means it's time to get off my ass and actually get this community started. Who's excited? I'm excited! I certainly hope to see this community grow and attract more fans to the crack/love that is KankuroXLee. Especially hope to pick up a few artists, as I can't even draw a straight line -_-;
Anyway, there's actually a story behind the creation of this community, sort of, wich I guess I may as well share as it amuses me so. Here goes:

So, sakuracon 07, I think it was Saturday, regardless it was late, my friend and I were hoped up on sugar, caffiene, sleep deprivation and anime. It was beautiful. I happened to be cosplaying Lee, because he kicks ass, and I adore him muchly. Somehow we got to talking about pairings, I don't remember exactly, probably about how because Lee's just such a sweetheart he could really go with anyone. Somewhere along the line KankuroXLee, or the lack of it, anywhere popped up, and it was decided that it won, and totally could work, and would be awesome and adorable at that, and it was our job to see to it that  the love was spread. 
Anyway, there were a lot of people around, everyone talking over each other and we were walking down the hall. So I'm pretty sure no one who wasn't actively listening heard us. So, we come around a corner.  Around this corner is a Kankuro cosplayer. I did not know this person. This person see's me, from down the hall, jumps up, shouts "LEEEEEEE!" runs over and tackle hugs me. Then ran away. I was a little dazed and confused, but I figured it must be fate, or a sign from above or something. 

And thus, this community was born.

So, some fics, that I wrote. Yeah.

Title: Observation
Rating: PG
Pairing: KankuroXLee, one sided GaaraXLee
Summery: Gaara has never explicetly hated one of his siblings before, but he has never had to compete with them either.

Gaara has never explicitly hated either of his siblings.

Before the Chunin exam, they had been teammates, but barely, they were annoying and they often got in his way. After the exam, after Rock Lee and Naruto, he had started to look at things differently, he had started to look at his brother and sister differently. First with respect, and then, slowly, with the soft stirrings of affection, responsibility, even gratitude.


He was not one to be vocal about it, but by the age of 15 he had decidedly begun to look on them with love.

And by the age of 16, he had started to look at a certain overzealous, green clad Leaf-nin differently as well.


He had come to consider his older brother a very precious person, but in this moment he would have killed him without hesitation.


They could not have known that they were being watched, he had masked his chakra too well for that, his habitual precaution when he did not want to be discovered spying on Lees training. He had perched himself  on a high thick branch, out of sight, as he usually did when he found himself in Konohagakure. He thought he had the others daily schedule more or less memorized by now.


So, he was more than a little surprised when Kankuro sauntered into almost deserted training grounds late in the evening and tossed a casual greeting in the direction of the Leaf-nin. Lee smiled at him and abandoned his abuse of the training dummy. He drank gratefully from the canteen Gaaras brother held out to him. Gaara found himself jealous of the long minutes they spend speaking comfortably of unimportant things, and the smile Lee kept flashing, just a little bit gentler than the ones he sends towards Gaara, or his teammates, or even the pink haired girl. Gaara was surprised and envious, but he did not feel threatened.


And then…


And then Kankuro leant forward. He rest his hands lightly on Lees hips and pressed their lips together, and Gaara wanted to kill him right then. He expected Lee to startle, to shove him away, instead he cupped the older boys face in his hands and kissed back.


Gaara was not very familiar with the feeling that he was about to be sick. But when he saw them his stomach turned and his chest hurt and he realized that he had found the thing he hadn’t even known he’d wanted, and he had just seen his older brother steal it away. He could not breathe.


Lee says that ‘We should stop, someone is going to see.’ even as he lets his hands slide to Kankuros biceps and presses kissed, one two three, light and playful against his face.  The older asks ‘Why? We’ve never been cought before.’ and ignores ‘That’s because we’ve never been out in the open.’ Gaara left then.


When Kankuro returned to their hotel room some hours later Gaara was waiting, arms crossed, eyes bright, and mouth full with sharp accusations. But his face paint was smeared a little, and Gaara remembered bandaged thumbs brushed across those cheeks. All that comes out is a muted ‘Where have you been?’ Kankuro only smiled lecherously, and told him that ‘Konoha girls are easy.’


Kankuro retreated to the couch with their sister to watch some T.V.


Gaara stayed where he stood, and said nothing.

Title: Casualty
Rating: Soft R, I think, to be safe be warned, violent and sort of dark and twisty
Pairing: KankuroXLee 
Summery: Kankuro does not want to abandon his injured ally on the battle feild, but...

Eyes shut and lips parted face flushed body heat and breath coming in ragged gasps.
The puppet master had dreamed of this.
Dreamed of his name on those lips and butterflies in his gut, of dark hair splayed across his fingers.
The gods are sick bastards. This is all wrong, it isn’t supposed to be…
“Lee! Lee hang on, you’re alright.” The words are swallowed up by a series of detonation notes igniting somewhere to the left, showering them with flaming debris and dripping fleshy bits that may or may not have been alive five seconds earlier. Kankuro tries to speak, scream, whisper, anything, but his voice tears in his throat and he chokes on smoke and dirt and blood.
Three days.
The battle has been raging for three days. Three days of one blur of blood and fire and unforgiving sun, three days of the guy next to him being there one second and pink mist the next, of iron and explosions and constant warn down adrenaline. He is somewhere beyond exhaustion, beyond terror, beyond conscious thought.
Bandaged blood-soaked hands tighten painfully on his arms and the body beneath his spasms; red blossoming on skin painting lips and running choking dripping. Hot and sticky spattered across his face, in his mouth, in his eyes.
Who’s blood this?
Not his blood…
Not his blood! “It’s okay…it’s okay…you’re okay just hang on…just, please. Just, just look at me, just stay, please… look at me. Stay with me here, I’m not letting you die. You can’t fucking die!” He doesn’t recognize his own voice, and the words come up like gravel and shards of glass. But he keeps talking, trying to anchor, he’s not sure which one of them his words are for.
Crushed ribs is just the start of it. Half Lees blood is spilling out, running through the Suna-nins fingers, can’t keep the crimson in, turning the dirt to redish mud-paint. He’s half drowning in the rest of it.
And Kankuro knows it’s all pain, but the boys muscles tense, and his breath hitches and he’s making low sounds like…oh god…
He doesn’t start when Lee pulls him down, bodies almost flush together. He doesn’t wince away from the feeling of more blood soaking into his clothes.
But the others breath against his cheek and ear send shivers down his spine.
With shaking hands Lee presses two scrolls against his chest.
“T-take these….Hokage-sama and Kazekage-sama…need these. T-t-take nng!”
“But you-“
“Not important! These…they need…please. Go.”
“No!” he is shoved away, the scrolls probably leaving bruises beneath his shirt.
“Go!” he hesitates, a second, two, another burst of shrapnel rends the air less than three feet away. He nods, and fumbles up the scrolls.
But he can’t…how can he..?
He takes Lees hands in both of his, and rests their foreheads together.
“Don’t you fucking die”
And then he is gone. Off low across the battlefield at a stumbling crawling sprint. Swallowing dry heaves.
Blood loss, the boys skin had already been going cold under his.
The gods are sick bastards.

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From: nolifeinabox
2007-06-30 05:08 am (UTC)
XD, I'm glad you like it. We need to pimp out this community like mad, and get some membership though.
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